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“A low literacy and education rate, the dowry tradition, widespread domestic abuse…all cry out for action…millions of children (90% girls) are abandoned and involved in prostitution in various cities of India.” ~ Operation World (2010)

Sewing & Handicraft: To improve the social standards and touch the lives of poor, tribal and destitute women, we would like to continue sewing and handicraft training program. We expect to train 100 women every year.  Purchase of sewing machines is an urgent need. After completion of training this year, we would like to help our women graduates with micro-finance to help purhase sewing machines and set up their own businesses so that they can continue to earn livelihood.

Counseling & Workshops: Along with sewing and handicraft training, our workers on the ground counsel women at the training center. Women, victims of domestic violence, abuse and striken by poverty get opportunity to experience holistic transformation. As part of STEP’s effort to provide holistic care to the downtrodden, STEP aims to meet the material, emotional and spiritual needs of these women. A woman who has been denied her most basic humanity by the harsh realities of life in rural India can find her truest humanity as a child of God. We believe this true humanity to be capable of transforming not only individual lives, but whole families, villages and the world.