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Poverty is one of the hindrances for the healthy growth of the baby during pregnancy of a woman. Due to lack of finance, many pregnant women go through antenatal hunger that can cause the greatest potential threat to the normal development of the unborn child. Malnutrition during pregnancy has been resulted with stillbirths, prematurity (including low-birth-weight babies of less than five and a half pounds) and neonatal death. Therefore, it is important for the mother to begin pregnancy with a good eating habit and in a healthy and well nourish situation. We provide help to women during prenatal state as well as post-natal stage for the healthy growth of the child as well as the mother. We connect with the local grocery stores and will provide food items that can help the pregnant women. Every year 50 women will be benefited through this program. Along with the nutrition program, counseling will be available to poor, downtrodden pregnant women in our centers.