Frequently Asked Questions

Where does STEP International work?

Today STEP works in South Asia, mainly in India and in the border regions of Nepal and Bhutan.

How does STEP International work?

The hallmark of STEP’s work is “community based” development programs for the local people, operated by the national workers in the fields. Through various holistic services we are able to participate in programs that offers life-changing benefits that range from education, equipping the persecuted church to community development programs.

Is STEP affiliated with any denomination or church?

STEP International works with international organizations, churches and business partners representing various denominations. We are evangelical in commitment and we subscribe to the “Lausanne Covenant.”

What is a child sponsor?

A sponsor is someone like you who has made the decision to personally invest in the lives of people in South Asia facing poverty, discriminations and difficult situations. As a sponsor, you are creating opportunities for local communities to participate in programs that offers life-changing benefits.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

It costs $35/month to sponsor a child to help provide formal education in an English school.

What do I do if my contact or payment information changes?

Please call 1-844-837-9178 or email us at [email protected] to report a change of address, phone number, banking or credit card information.

What if I fall behind on payments?

Let us know if you run into difficulty and need to make alternate arrangements. Life happens and we do our best to find a way to keep the sponsorship relationship you’ve developed until you get back on your feet. You matter to us as well.

Is child sponsorship and donations to STEP International tax deductible?

Yes. All contributions are tax-deductible in the United States. We issue tax-deductible receipts for your donations total every February under IRS rules.

Can I post about and/or contact my sponsored child online?

In order to protect the well-being and privacy of sponsored children and their families, we ask you to only refer to a child’s first name if you are posting online. Please do not attempt to contact your sponsored child via social media as this threatens the privacy and safety for both you and your sponsored child. Please use your message center in your sponsor account to write to your child.

What communications can I expect as a child sponsor?

We will send you a letter of introduction from your sponsored child (background story) and a post card within the first few months of your sponsorship. You’ll also receive an annual progress report on how your sponsored child is doing through your sponsorship online account.  Additionally, we will send you STEP International quarterly newsletter throughout the year so you can see the larger picture of our transformation work in South Asia.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

In North America, we often express affection through gift-giving. However, when one sponsored child receives a present from their sponsor, it often negatively affects the sense of fairness in the community. It can also create an expectation for more or greater gifts. Your gift of consistent support is the best gift that can be given! It helps provide items and opportunities for your sponsored child and their family members (quality education, school fees, supplies, training for parents, etc.). So, your one-time gift on your sponsored child birthday goes to the child and one-time gift for Christmas occasion is distributed to a group of children in the community.

How long do I need to sponsor?

Our promise is to help a child from Grade 1-10. We ask sponsors to help a child up to high school graduation. Consistent, monthly sponsorship builds peace of mind and security for parents, allowing them to focus on building long-term solutions for their families. If you feel you’re unable to continue your sponsorship due to financial limitations, please call us at 1.844.837.9178 to discuss options.

Will I always sponsor the same child?

Generally, you will sponsor the same child for the duration of your commitment although some rare exceptions do occur:

  • their family moves out of the program area
  • they or their parents opt out of the program
  • they graduate from school
  • they marry
  • the child passes away
Can I visit my sponsored child and the work that STEP International doing?

STEP International regularly organizes “Learning Tours.” This is an opportunity for the STEP sponsors and potential partners to visit projects in South Asia. If you’re planning to be in the area where your sponsored child lives, let us know before you leave USA and we will do our best to make this possible. Arrangements can be made once you have completed our application process which is designed to protect both you and your sponsored child.