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Education is Freedom!

Education is at the center of all that we do and educate and empower destitute children to dream fearlessly. Together, we are driven passionately by a strong desire to create avenues for children to access education-inside and outside of classrooms is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world. In South Asian countries it is estimated that there are more than 400 million children between 10-14 years of age. It is estimated that 35+ million are orphans, 11 million are abandoned of which 90 percent are girls, 3 million children live on the street, 20-50 million are child laborers including many instances of bond slavery working 12-14 hour a day, 60%+ of the children suffer physical abuse and 2+ million children are involved in prostitution.

Most South Asian countries have a very low literacy and education rate, especially among girls and women. The dowry tradition is detrimental to the livelihood of women and domestic abuse is rampant among families.

Our Strategies to Help Children, Young Men & Women Access Education and Holistic Care
Community-Family Approach

Our approach to education and child development go beyond the “Orphanage” model. We encourage children’s immediate and extended family members (in case of orphaned or semi-orphaned children) to partner with us to help children grow within the communities. We allow children to access education in our centers while remaining with their family members in the community. We provide a good education,  both formal and non-formal, and equip every child with the skills to succeed tomorrow in his or her own community. We begin assisting children (5 years to young adulthood) in every way possible and encourage their immediate or extended family members to participate in the program.

Holistic Child Development

We educate and empower children through a holistic approach (WHOLE) that carefully blends physical, social, educational and economic care together. We strive to develop children’s awareness of their self-worth and their opportunities while encouraging them to envision a future without poverty.

Equality and Empowerment of Girls

We allow children from all backgrounds to attend school together to break down the caste and class systems. We intentionally admit a higher percentage of girl students in our programs and help girls to develop knowledge, skills, confidence and leadership qualities.

Employable Skills

We understand that teaching women to sew and be proficient in various crafts will help them gain confidence and provides an avenue for women to support their families with an income. We anticipate training 100+ women each year in sewing and handicraft activities. We provide computer education in rural village to men and women.

Counseling & Workshops
  • We provide counseling to women in the training center for the many who are victims of domestic and sexual abuse.
  • We impart holistic care for the oppressed and strive to meet women’s material, emotional, and psychological needs.
  • We advocate for hurting women to find her truest identity as a child of God and believe this discovery can transform individual lives spreading to impact entire families, villages, and the world.
How You Can Help Provide Life-Changing Education, Skills to Children & Youth!
  • Sponsor A Child $35 a month.
  • A donation of $150 provides one sewing machine.
  • A pledge of $25 a month will sponsor a woman through our Life Skills Training course and fulfill life changing physical and spiritual needs.