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"Children in crisis—no country can rival India’s staggering need. " — Operation World 2010

Of the country’s 400 million children under 15 years old:

  • 35+ million are orphans
  • 11 million are abandoned of which 90 percent are girls
  • 3 million children live on the street
  • 20-50 million child laborers including many instances of bond slavery working 12-14 hours days
  • 60%+ of the children suffer physical abuse
  • 50% endure some kind of sexual harassment or abuse.
  • 2+ million children are involved in prostitution

STEP is Helping Children Through Education

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of local children through an integrated education system and empower them to become strong contributing citizens in society.

The Challenge: India has a lack of government-run schools. The schools that are available are primarily in villages (with little to no transportation from the less privileged rural areas), are poorly operated, and lack the core basic educational needs such as classrooms, study materials, and teachers. In addition to lacking the physical necessities communities require to provide a successful education, the challenge is compounded by the fact that children often struggle to maintain their educational pursuits due to feeling pressure to help support their family’s inadequate income by working.

How STEP is Facing India’s Education Challenge:


  • We envision to build an English-medium (K-12) school that will help 500 children receive a proper education each year.
  • We give preference to tribal, poor, and female children and when able, provide scholarships for their education.
  • We encourage the breakdown of the caste system by allowing children from every caste to study together.
  • We envision to maintain a boarding facility on campus to provide accommodation for 200 children from all background.

Children’s Clubs:

  • We serve up to 500+ children each week through 7+ Children’s Clubs in remote villages and tribal areas around the region. Maybe a little more specifically about what Children’s Clubs are?
  • We strive to develop children’s awareness of their self-worth and their opportunities while encouraging them to envision a future without poverty.
  • We provide opportunities to learn skills that will enable children to become contributing citizens, such as what skills do you provide?
  • Through our weekend outreach programs among children, we provide unschooled children with a meal and learning materials.
  • We tell the good news through moral and Bible stories, coloring activities, and games.

How You Can Help STEP Tackle India’s Education Challenge

  • Pledging $25 a month to sponsor a child for food, books and education
  • Sponsor a children’s club $100 a month