I’m excited about the work of STEP International, the thoughtfulness and foresight of its leader, Abhijit Nayak.  I’ve known Abhijit for many years and am pleased he is taking the knowledge from years of training, education and experience to benefit the people of South Asia.  STEP is a trustworthy organization doing a great work in the lives of many.

Don Carmichael, Founder/CEO | The Champion Group, Alabama, USA



From just a parcel of land to a thriving built out community, STEP has been actively engaged not just in their local area but also to the surrounding areas in North India, making a transformative difference in the lives of the rural population. It has been our pleasure to help them make those steps of establishment and growth as they realize their dream of touching the poor and marginalized through sustainable and holistic methods of development.

Michael Viser, Founder/President | Wells for Life, Kansas, USA


It has been our great pleasure to work with STEP over the years. By their grace and great contacts, we were able to present The Picture Smart Bible in numerous churches and universities across India. Not only were strategic points of production and distribution established, STEP has continued to work with us via representatives to distribute Bible training products. The work has been further enhanced through their successful efforts for multiple translations. STEP’s Vice President Abhijit Nayak is one of the most resourceful and resilient men I have ever met. He is also a unique combination of visionary gifting, effective facilitating and “get it done” individuals in the “missionary” field.

It was my pleasure to visit the projects in STEP India while buildings were still under construction. This amazing project reflected the incredible design and oversight of Mr. Nayak. Working with very limited funds, Abhijit kept building and trusting God. The end result has produced even more amazement among Christian and business leaders who know what it takes to accomplish such a feat in India. STEP and Mr. Nayak are continuing to establish more projects throughout India.

My association and friendship with Abhijit Nayak and his family goes back many years. We have visited each other’s home and developed a mutual love in Jesus Christ. Because of our love for the Kingdom of God and His people we have encouraged one another in times of challenge. I consider his blessing to me personally and his strong, consistent encouragement to our ministry as significant gifts in my life. And his hard, focused and determined efforts to help the people of his home-land deserve our support.

Dan Peters, President | Picture This! Ministries, Inc., California, USA


I am so impressed with STEP and Abhijit’s leadership.  The vision for ministry in India and beyond is contagious.  It is so encouraging how STEP is able to help with immediate felt needs as well as long term relief.  The strategic and holistic training of indigenous Christian workers and leaders in South Asia is building the church in ways that is seeing fruit now and by God’s grace, will continue in the future.

Darcy Kuhn, Pastor of Community | Northview Community Church, BC, Canada


I had the opportunity to visit projects of STEP in the past years. STEP and Abhijit, have my fullest respect, support and endorsement. He founded and leads one of the most effective training program for national workers, church planting in least-reached regions, educational efforts in needy places of South Asia.

Bill Dyck, Chairperson | Multi-Nation Missions Foundation & Co-founder, Pacific Family Life Counselling Foundation, BC, Canada


I met Abhijit and STEP International in 2013 and was drawn by the vision and work being done in South Asia to help and support the local men, women and children through training, education and practical materials. They do not just give people a fish but teach them how to fish that they may be self-sufficient. Our vision aligns with STEP and we have partnered with STEP during the past 4 years training local men and women holistically to be leaders in their communities and country.

Travis Whims, Director | Discipleship International, BC, Canada


Visiting STEP projects to design facilities was a pleasure and a privilege as this is an organization with a clear and worthy mandate. While there, STEP honored us with the opportunity to cut the ribbon at the joyous opening of a sewing center. Thus, we have witnessed the fruits of past years of dedicated labor and we glimpsed the fruit of ministry in years to come. EMI looks forward to new opportunities to serve and walk alongside STEP International.

Greg Young, Executive Director | Engineering Ministries International, Alberta, Canada


We are thankful for the good collaboration with STEP over many years now. God is using this organization to impact India and beyond. We highly value the investment in younger generations and in training nationals in South Asia. We are thankful and honored to be able to partner with STEP International.

Manfred Müller, Chief Executive Officer | HMK – Hilfe für verfolgte Christen, Germany


I have known Abhijit for quite a few years now. About three years ago, we decided to go into partnership with STEP International. We got funding for a small sewing school and computer literacy project. I visited STEP projects in August 2016 and was delighted to see the impact that Abhijit and STEP are making in this poorest areas of Northern India, far from the cities. Deep bore wells with hand-driven pumps have been installed in villages where the water quality was low. Often, it had to be carried over more than a kilometer. Now, the villagers get fresh, cool water right in the middle of the village. The girls and young women who participated in the life-skill projects were already after a couple of months’ training able to design, cut and sew beautiful garments, and girls who told me they had never dreamed they would ever touch a computer were now confident in using them. Most importantly, they grow spiritually because of the holistic nature of training in caring for body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, thanks to STEP’s computer center, where the computer training is held, the village also has an e-mail post office (cyber cafe) accessible to villagers who need to communicate in writing with the outside world, but do not have a computer of their own.

Henrik Ertner Rasmussen, General Secretary | Danish European Mission, Copenhagen, Denmark


I was so impressed with the magnitude of the work being carried out by STEP International and the vision that is being not only projected but actively carried by the STEP International personnel.  It was an absolute delight to be part of the work, to meet the staff on the ground, witness their dedication to the work of the Kingdom and hear the passion in their voices. It is one thing to talk about something, but another thing to actively do it, STEP International does both, modelling to not only be a hearer of the Word but a doer of the Word.

Sue Huston, Lead Prayer Missionary | National House of Prayer, Ontario, Canada


It was wonderful to visit STEP International projects in South Asia. Although it is clear to be seen there are many good and wonderful things that are happening right in the project places; effecting all generations, raising up leadership, reaching the lost, standing for justice, extending the kingdom of God. But in addition a light is shining out for this place, the light of Jesus, and no darkness can put it out. In addition, the quality of the staff of STEP International, their humble demeanour and their gracious hospitality, speaks of a deep discipleship that is a treasure in the Body of Christ.

Celia McAlpine, International Director | ASK Network International, USA